Friday, 16 November 2007

Visa run

My dad booked my flight to Oman. 9.20 departure, back in Abu Dhabi just after 12. Great.
So, I get pestered out of bed in the morning and make my way to the airport with my print out clutched in my palm. "Sorry madam, but this is not a proper ticket. You have to go to the ticketing desk to get a number." OK. 55 minutes before the flight leaves, but that's enough time to get a number. Next problem: "Sorry madam but this ticket has not been paid for. You'll have to pay for it at the next counter." At this point, I'm starting to panic slightly as the check in desk is about to close. "Sorry madam, but this reservation has been cancelled so I'll have to re-enter all the details." Argh! "Oh and it's going to cost you 300 dirhams more than you thought." (That might not be an exact quote, but you get the idea!) "Sorry madam, the check in has closed now."
Maybe you'll be able to picture my face at this point…

Anyway, a nice supervisor got me checked in seeing as how I didn't have any bags and Abu Dhabi airport is hardly difficult to get through. She asked someone to rush me through security and passport control but he was too busy chatting up one of the check in clerks so I just got on with it myself. Surprise, surprise I got through in plenty of time and wasn't anywhere near the last one on the plane.

Arrival at Muscat. I go to the transfer desk to get my check in for the return flight and see that the efficient guy from Abu Dhabi has changed the original flight to one leaving at midnight. At this point I decide the only recourse is tears and lo! I'm on the next flight to Abu Dhabi.
The cabin crew were a bit disconcerted to see me back again so soon but I was soon sampling the delicious Etihad sandwiches (ahem) and preparing for landing back in AD.

I cannot wait for my residence permit to come through so I don't have to go through the whole palaver again.

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