Saturday, 1 December 2007

Rugby 7s

After weeks of whingeing and moaning that I couldn't get a ticket to the Dubai 7s tournament, I finally got one off my dad for the Friday session. He actuallt got two and as my mum decided she didn't want to go and sit among leary men getting drunk all day, I gave the other ticket to my friend, Karin, who is used to such behaviour!
It actually wasn't bad at all. We got our own DHL rumble sticks, mini coolbags full of wine and a seat close to the halfway line. I had to explain the rules of the game to Karin but she quickly picked it up and was banging her rumbles sticks together at all the right moments.
We didn't stay for the full day but what we saw was entertaining and I will definitely try and get back there next year for the whole tournament.

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