Monday, 16 March 2009

How to sell kleenex in the Middle East

Have an advert of a woman tucking in a tissue to her husband's collar in a display of affection.
1. Why can't he do it himself? Does he no longer have opposable thumbs due to evolutionary regression?
2. Why does he need a bib in the first place? Is a grown man not able to eat without one? (The fact that it seems like he is just working on his computer at the time is even worse...perhaps he can't stop drooling onto his clothes.)
3. Does she not have anything better to do?
-Rant over-
PS Kleenex is one of the brands on the boycott list because of their sending money to Israel.

1 comment:

Shu said...

I sorta was hoping to see a photo of this kleenex box... By the sound of it, it spells TIAD - "This is Abu Dhabi!" :)