Thursday, 13 September 2007


This is my 3rd Ramadan in the Middle East but the first where the state has organised a fireworks display for the beginning of the holy month.
Despite the very lax advertising (between a group of 10, 3 people had seen the event advertised once), the Corniche was full of people eagerly waiting for the display to start. Again, the time was not well publicised so the main spectacle to start with was the mass of people trying to get to the vending machine next to the walkway so they could empty it of water and sweets full of E numbers.
When the show finally started, it was spectacular. I dread to think how much it would have cost - the fireworks seemed to go on forever. And with each new type, there was a new gasp of awe. And the 3 sites were in perfect unison, making it even more impressive.

This is my favourite. They looked like palm trees - cool! I hope you get the general idea from my amateur photography ;)

And then you can see the ones to match the colours of the flag. Impressive camera work, I know!

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