Thursday, 20 September 2007

Open prostitution

Ramadan has been going on for a few days now and unlike other Muslim states ('liberal' Dubai for one), bars are still open for the hordes of expats who want to carry on drinking throughout the holiest of holy months (me included). One change that does take place though, is that no music is allowed to be played within said bars. I'm not quite sure why music is more of problem than the consumption of alcohol, but who am I to question the wisdom of our illustrious leaders?
Anyway, finding a bar with some atmosphere is a little more difficult this month, except for those places showing the rugby world cup. On the hunt for an interesting place to have a beer with friends, I stumbled across a place that could definitely be described as just that. Having lived in Bahrain, I'm aware that prostitution goes on in this part of the world. I've even seen it firsthand. But I was lost for words at the openness and amount of prostitution going on in Blitz. I was the only woman out of about 20 who was not on the game. There was a sofa near the front door where about 10 girls of different ages and nationalities (mainly Asian) were lined up waiting for business. And the clients? The majority European.
The funniest thing was when I looked up the description of the place in Time Out: a mix of nationalities and a good band were the only things mentioned.

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